Personal Story I’ll share With You

Hey, my name is Ariel backyard woodworking is a profession that turned to hobby in our family. My father was a professional carpenter his work and name were well known in our small town.

I remember him looking on a piece of furniture and in a few minutes drawing a 3D sketch of it and in the next couple of days we all could see it in his store or the family backyard ready to be sold.

For me as a kid he appeared like a magician. He could create the sketches and build the furniture all coming out of his mind.

Few years ago when I have first started my woodworking projects at my backyard, I was not handy person. However, friends and neighbors who were coming to visit us, they all liked my work assuming “The apple did not fall far from the tree” “The son is like his father”.

I have never told them that each of the backyard kit projects were out of plans. Plans and video tutorials that helped me figure out step by step all of my backyard projects.

Why Blog?

I started this blog to share my personal experience with fellow Homeowners and DIY-ers like yourself.

This blog is really about how to make your backyard a part of your home. It’s fun…I especially love the satisfaction of watching my family enjoying spending time in our backyard using some of my woodworking creation.

The information on this blog is also for you the business entrepreneurs who are ready to convert your hobby into a new creation. I believe that your success is my success too.

My Personal Life

I live happily with my wife and four children. When I’m not working or do “slavery work” for my children, I enjoy reading, gardening, biking, hiking, laughing often and experiencing the joys of life.

How my products can help you?

My websites, services and products are specifically designed to provide practical, proven and productive strategies and resources to help both new and experienced online people to “Grow” Their Backyard and Make Money.

Feel free to roam about, browse through all the contents and tell me what you think.

Enjoy, Ariel

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