Build Your Wooden Storage Shed

Ten Easy Steps To Build Your Wooden Storage Shed

Some facts to put on the table, you need a wooden storage shed, but you are not a carpenter, and you have never tried wooden construction. Building your own shed sounds like a major job for a constructor so how should you do it? Do not panic it is really not that difficult. You are going to construct a shed even you are not a woodworking pro all you will need are several common tools and good instructions for a wooden storage shed.

Just follow these ten easy steps and when it’s finished, you are going to have a sense of fulfillment and pride that only comes from building one thing yourself.

Step One

Choose a spot to construct your new backyard garden shed. Select it carefully because it will not be easy to relocate it afterward. Try to think about few questions: Will it fit to one of your backyard corners? Would it be easy to access during work and after? A beautifully painted wooden storage shed could be a visual asset for your backyard.

Step Two

Make a drawing of your wooden storage shed. You don’t have to be an architect for this. Just make a rough sketch and be aware of the size. Where do you need entrances and windows, etc.?
If you are not a draftsman, just take your sketch to a home improvement store. They can most likely draw up plans for your wooden storage shed and some will do it for no cost in hopes that you may buy your supplies from them. They will provide you with a list of the materials you’ll need and even some building directions, as well.

Step Three

Buy the materials you will have to have. It truly is preferable to purchase everything at one time and have it on hand while you’re constructing your shed. This will likely save you trips back and forth to the store and save time.

Step Four

It is time to level the surface and lay your foundation. The foundation is going to be made of cement or a wood plank floor. The foundation is not the most exciting element of the project, but it really is crucial.

Step Five

Assemble the side walls. You will discover it is significantly better to assemble these flat on the ground and then elevate them into place. In reality, if you possibly can do in on a driveway or patio of level cement it is less difficult to keep things square. If you don’t have an area like that handy, stay with to your backyard garden shed location..

Step Six

Get ready to assemble the roof. Roofs generally seem to be far more complicated than they actually are. You will be building trusses. The easiest way is to build an individual truss and employ it as a template for the rest. This way they will all be the same and your backyard storage shed roof will be even.

Step Seven

It is time to build the end walls. The end wall assembly will depend on the designs you’ve selected. It is preferable to build the end walls directly onto the framework you have finished. It will not be easy to assemble the end walls on the ground and then raise them the same way you did the side walls.

Step eight

Now it’s time to apply the trim. It will shape the final look of your new backyard storage shed so I strongly suggest use the best materials and don’t scrimp. If you want to give your shed the best aesthetically attractive look you prefer pick the right final materials like: windows, door, etc.

Step Nine

Put up the shingles. You have by now identified your roofing products. Depending on exactly where you reside at, you might use asphalt shingles, cedar shakes or metal roofing. In cold climates where it snows, a metal roof may make it better to get rid of unwanted snow.

Step Ten

Finally, protect the exterior walls. To determine whether you use paint, stain, varnish or whatever depends only on your individual tastes. The point is to guard the wood from sun and rain.

Added value

Enjoy your work! You have completed a nice looking garden shed there. I hope you are going to relocate the extra tools out of the garage. Wouldn’t it be fun when neighbor next door asks you for good advice about building his backyard storage shed?

Whichever plans you have upon, it is possible to relax now and get pleasure from the rewards of having built your wooden storage shed all by yourself.

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